How Can You Help?

Samara's Angel Foundation would not be able to accomplish all it does without the generous contributions of time and talent by many dedicated volunteers. Samara's Angel Foundation's network of volunteers ensures that its programs are sustainable on a shoestring budget. There are many ways that you can be a part of this network.

Medical and Health Education:

Samara's Angel Foundation welcomes volunteer pediatricians, physician assistants, nurses, health educator, and teachers.

Fund raising:

Hold a fund raising event in conjunction with your school, place of worship, community group, business, or Rotary Club. Since the earthquake in January, Samara's Angel Foundation is also seeking funds to purchase property and build and equip a new home for the homeless children in Haiti.

Professional development:

Provide ongoing professional support for Samara's Angel Foundation teachers and staff.

Administrative support:

Provide assistance with accounting, computer technology, video production, web design and maintenance, and other administrative functions.

Make Financial Contributions:

Samara's Angel Foundation is depending on individual donors for the majority of our financial support. generous gifts from these donors will help us to increase and train our staff, continue and diversify our programs, and extend our services to children in rural areas.

All proceeds from SAF fundraising activities will be used to benefit the children and Adults in the communes in Haiti that we serve. Donations help to cover the costs of trips, expenses and supplies for camp activities, events, shipping of materials from US to Haiti. All donations are tax deductible.