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Christmas in Haiti - Toy Drive

Many of our children in Haiti suffer from the effects of poverty everyday, continuously going without, knowing that luxuries like new toys or clothes are simply not available to them. Our children handle this reality with an incredible grace and humility that is truly touching. This is why watching their faces as we arrive with their gifts, is so special to us. Our program has done such for the past 3 years with the help of your kind donations, our staff and volunteers and as well as our wonderful sponsors. Last year we were abe to donate toys to 250 children in Haiti. Please be part of this great cause by creating a toy drive in your area and collect toys on our behalf or donate at or take part on our $5 drive. The children of Haiti thank you.

Summer Camp

Every summer, children ages 5-19 attend a two week camp full of activities and each child receives snacks and a hot meal daily.

C-Visions Scholarship

Each school year, numerous students from Haiti submit a request to the foundation in form of an essay requesting assistance with tuition. The essays are read by our board members, and the top 10 students are chosen according to their needs and their willingness to participate in our program. Award recipients must maintain a B average and also volunteer with us during the summer. Interested students and families must submit their request in writing two months prior to the opening of school.

Young Entrepreneurship Program

Every Saturday in 4 locations in Haiti, young men and women ages 8-21 learned to use recycled materials to create art or items which they sell.

Community Outreach

We take pride in helping and assist those in need. Translation, transportation, food and emergency relief services are provided throughout the year to immigrants from Haiti and also to Habitants in Haiti.